Keratin Treatment

This straightening not only does not damage the hair, but also helps it to recover its appearance, restoring its health.

It is not easy to find a beauty salon that performs the Brazilian keratin straightening in a professional way, achieving all the results offered by this treatment, that's why at "Idees Peluqueros" we work with the best material and the right professionals, to achieve an incredible result in processes to improve your hair like Keratin straightening.

Visit us, in "Idees Peluqueros" we have the most recommended products for your later maintenance.

Enzyme Therapy - Tanninoplasty

"Straighten your hair without damaging it", This is an organic and natural straightening treatment.
Based on what are called'tannins', this natural compound acts from the inside of the hair generating a protein chain inside the hair fiber that hydrates and straightens the hair.

Tanninoplasty does not damage the hair fiber, even if you repeat the treatment several times. Nor does it change its internal structure, giving it a natural, shiny, silky and resistant look.

This treatment ensures strong hair and perfect straightening for 4 to 8 months.

Come to "Idees Peluqueros" for your Taninoplasty treatment


Brazilian Straightening

It is a professional straightening treatment that transforms unruly, curly or frizzy hair into soft, silky, shiny hair.
Treated hair retains its new shape permanently.

When you want to reduce or control the volume, or simply soften the hair, you can request this treatment.
Come to "Idees Peluqueros" for your Brazilian straightening.

Face Mask

The professional masks not only achieve deep results, but also have ingredients that protect the hair in the long term, preventing them from leaving harmful remains after removal.

At "Idees Peluqueros" we only work with the best professional hairdressing products, with a personalized service based on selecting the perfect product for each client.

Masks are part of our overall concept of beauty, so we carefully select the brands we work with.


Molded and Permanent

Service to permanently shape hair by transforming straight hair into wavy or curly hair.

This service is ideal for volume, as a support for any hairstyle and even for hair that does not last.

If you like curls this is your service

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