Babylight highlights are much more than just a trend, they are a colouring that can bring movement and light to the hair in a subtle way.

Reflexes are the key to giving your hair more shine and volume. Another advantage of Babylight highlights is that their effect lasts much longer, giving your hair extra moisture.

At "Idees Peluqueros" we offer you different colouring treatments, all of which nourish your hair and provide natural elements that avoid damaging the appearance of your hair from the moment it is applied.

Basic Highlights

Highlights are the best way to add a touch of color to your hair.

Made with the technique of thermal aluminium foil, the key to this type of highlights lies in the exposure time; as they need to be continuously monitored, they are spread all over the head creating a new shade in the hair.

With our basic highlights service you can give your hair a completely new look. Come to "Idees Peluqueros" and put yourself in the hands of a real group of colour specialists. The results will be obvious.

Price: 70 to 100 €


Californian Highlights

Californian highlights reproduce a progressive increase in color intensity just as the sun and sea naturally do in our hair, starting with the darker root and lightening as it reaches the ends.

A different method is used depending on the length of hair
and they're worn with all kinds of cuts and tones.

...Come to "Idees Peluqueros" and enjoy with your Californian highlights...!!!

Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are a coloring technique that is done with a brush and a high hand. Therefore, they have the advantage of giving your hair a much more natural look and allow the colorist to apply the shade only where your hair needs it.

In addition: "By not using the heat produced by the silver paper, the process is more easily controlled, allowing the final result to be modulated and to reach the root better, spacing the time between retouches.

Time for touch-up between 4 to 6 months.

Come to "Idees Peluqueros" and put yourself in the hands of Balayage wicks specialists.


Ombré Highlights

Ombré highlights are a colour technique in which a contrast of colour is achieved. Ombré means shadow, and it is precisely what we are looking for.

Colour is applied to the entire hair and is highlighted with highlights only in the areas that suit you best.

Remember that the light color gives volume and the dark color slims down.

You want to check it out?

At "Idees Peluqueros" we offer the best service of hair strands.

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