Everyone who dyes their hair faces a problem.... the new hair will grow back to its original shade. So it is necessary to apply dye to the root every now and then if you want to maintain the hair color.

Dyeing the root is always complicated, first because it is difficult to access the area in question and dye it without leaving anything behind. And secondly, because the colouring must be the same as that of the rest of the hair so that it does not look bad.

At "Idees Peluqueros" we have a team of colour specialists.


The hair color bath is one of our star coloring services. Although there are girls who think it's the same as the dye, it's not really the same. You want to know exactly what it is? We'll explain it to you.

What is a hair colour bath?

It is a treatment to give shine to the hair by enhancing its color. Unlike dyeing, colour bathing does not radically change the colour of the hair and does not last too long.
In fact, the colour bath maintains the original shade of the hair by enhancing its shine and colour or varies only slightly over that shade. Come to "Hairdressers Ideas" and put yourself in the hands



At "Idees Peluqueros" we are true specialists in hair coloring, which is why we have one of the largest selections of hair dyes and hair coloring.

Did you know: Hair dyes are pigments that adhere to the cuticle or penetrate the cortex, changing the color completely, therefore, the duration of color depends on the type of dye used: Permanent or semi-permanent

Colouring your hair is complex, so it's best to put yourself in the hands of a professional. Otherwise you may choose products that are harmful to your hair or find that the result is very different from what you had imagined.


The glossing treatment tones your hair and moisturizes at the same time. Gloss brings unique characteristics to your dye, giving it intensity and strength from the very first moment.

So they are ideal for those who want to refresh the color of color-treated hair. The glossing dye recovers the characteristics of your hair while repairing it, being recommended in long-lasting color treatments and for hair that changes tone frequently.

At "Idees Peluqueros" we are committed to your beauty. That's why as part of our hair care and repair offer we offer you the Glossing treatment


Progressive rinsing

The natural roots are left behind and it is clarified from 2 centimetres from the scalp.

Ideal for not needing to redo every month

Duration: three to six months


Colours for colour lovers without strings attached

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